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It is with great pleasure and some level of tiredness that I bring to you, a new beginning in how I want articles and content to be delivered. Simple Earth is now live, but with a bit of a fresh approach, decided at the last minute. Let’s elaborate. Simple Earth launches with a tiny backstory, and this is it.

I previously wrote in the blogging format which is for the who don’t know, a more personalised way to write about random things casually. It worked pretty well for a few years. The downside was that I based the articles on arbitrary and casual content. The topic of the day on a blog is whatever feels essential. The branding and domain-name were personalised, lacking specific focus and later direction.

Fresh Approach, Same Desires

The name of the site, the words ‘simple earth’ stems from my desire to create content (both in writing and video) about my unbiased views and experiences about exactly that: Simple Earth. People have jumped on the bandwagon with terms like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ now. People have been living simpler and better for aeons. The state of what the world is in now though seems to be a new catalyst in the move.

Allow me to stop you before you think that Simple-Earth is about off-grid life, ecology or going to a primitive lifestyle. It is not about that, precisely, and not pushing specific opinions either. Here is the definition:

Defining Simple-Earth

Simple-Earth is, at its core, a platform for content in any medium, to share, care, elaborate about the option of living a better life by thinking simpler and behaving more responsibly. The outcome being happier, healthier and more sustainable quality of life, without giving up who you are.

Simple-Earth will cover the good and the bad, the successes and the failure and be real about it. Humility and pride should go hand in hand, and the knowledge shared is worth twice to the open-mind, than it is to keep it a secret.

Previously, I made it clear that it is not about anything specific. For us, as a girl-and-guy team, it was about our journey leading to our current (and far from over) off-grid life; the quest for health and self-reliance. Moving from unfulfilling lives in the city, to renting on enormous farms and finally settling on what is (perhaps?) our last stepping stone.

What to expect

You can expect good quality articles that will improve. Categorical postings will ensure that you read about the how, and when about transitioning. If you already joined this quest, then you can expect to see our trials and experiments in gardening, irrigation, waste management, soil improvement, permaculture and regeneration. We (everyone contributing content) will elaborate on processes, labour efficiency, cash flow and the successes and failures around it. Expect ethical perspectives, debates in the comment streams and changing minds.

Make a note of expecting to give up bad material things for wonderful experiences, and vice versa. Honesty about health and stress, food and water are on the list too.

Video Episodes are planned and in the pipeline. They take longer to produce and are sufficiently difficult for the less-social introverts. We may have funding runs to achieve some of our side-projects too and would love your take and support on that. Helping farmers and livestock in the current droughts, outsourcing labour to assist the community and improving rural security by mindset, to name a few ideas.

Marlon van der Linde

Marlon van der Linde

Born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 1982, Marlon has cultivated a rich background in electronics and computer science. After nearly two decades of experience as a UNIX administrator and software engineer, he continues to engage with electronics and coding, skills that enhance his self-sufficient and self-reliant lifestyle. Beyond his technical dabbling, Marlon is an avid content creator, authoring insightful articles and producing engaging videos that resonate with a broad audience. His passion for permaculture is evident in his meticulous observations and research, aimed at enhancing the sustainability of his environment. Marlon is dedicated to innovating techniques that improve the ecosystem and increase the production of food and feed, making his homestead a beacon of practical, sustainable living.

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