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Fellow travelers of the digital realm! As I invite you into the heart of our Patreon community, I thought it fitting to share the essence of why this humble channel mentions support so often.
I’ll embark on a candid exploration into the motivations that drive this post.

Firstly, let’s dispel any notions of grandeur or wealth. I am not a tycoon in the making, nor do I harbor such aspirations. There are no investors, hidden incomes or the things you’d generally expect on those ‘off grid’ things. My Patreon venture is a call to those who find joy and value in the videos that unfold across our farm and life in the Klein Karoo. Your voluntary support serves as a beacon, guiding the way to enhanced video frequency and improved quality. That is all. Almost…

Picture this – filming amidst the fields, hands weathered from toil, surrounded by the elements. It’s a labor of love and passion, but for those who choose to contribute, know that your funds become a vital lifesource. It not only compensates me for the time invested but act as a muse, inspiring the creation of more engaging and informative content (of which I believe I have far to go in terms of what can be created!).

My videos delve into the tapestry of farm life – from self-sufficiency and animal care to DIY projects and environmental insights. It’s a narrative of thriving on less, embracing simplicity, and tackling the challenges of our unique climate. Your support aids in the journey of transforming these experiences into stories that resonate, shared with a backdrop of good tunes – when that is doable.

In a life where simplicity reigns, other streams of income are rare (by design). Yet, reality demands its due – funds to sustain the endeavors, whether for fuel, irrigation, or tools that counter the simplicity I strive for. The call here is not a plea for financial aid but an invitation to join this adventure, to be part of something greater, be it through support or a simple nod of understanding (though, support in views helps with the ads).

So, dear friend, I extend an open invitation to peruse my Patreon sanctuary, knowing that your decision to join or not is entirely yours. The essence lies in the asking, as they say.

In return for the support, you should feel like it is worth it to you. You must experience the feeling of being a part of what made it possible. All supporters get a little something, and that depends on the tier you may feel comfortable with.
I hope that this answers the question (or calms the frustration) that I sensed in those who asked “why?”.


May you feel the warmth of voluntary camaraderie, regardless of the path you choose. The YouTube side will always be free to watch, and I hope that you won’t block too many of those ads (they bring in a few cents).
Onward, into the fields of possibility!

Marlon van der Linde

Marlon van der Linde

Born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 1982, Marlon has cultivated a rich background in electronics and computer science. After nearly two decades of experience as a UNIX administrator and software engineer, he continues to engage with electronics and coding, skills that enhance his self-sufficient and self-reliant lifestyle. Beyond his technical dabbling, Marlon is an avid content creator, authoring insightful articles and producing engaging videos that resonate with a broad audience. His passion for permaculture is evident in his meticulous observations and research, aimed at enhancing the sustainability of his environment. Marlon is dedicated to innovating techniques that improve the ecosystem and increase the production of food and feed, making his homestead a beacon of practical, sustainable living.

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