Nigerian Dwarf & Indigenous Veld Goats

We’ve been breeding our Nigerian Dwarf goats for nearly five years now, and we couldn’t be prouder of our herds. Living harmoniously on our Karoo farm, these goats roam freely, returning to their kraal as if drawn by an invisible bond. While often mistaken for pygmy goats because of their size, Nigerian Dwarf goats possess their own unique charm and resilience. They’re hardy, gentle creatures capable of serving a slew of purposes. Originally bred for their docile nature, they’ve proven themselves as valuable assets in small-scale dairy operations, requiring minimal effort while generously providing milk. Despite their diminutive stature, they’re also well-suited for meat production and make delightful companions as pets. We have never experienced problems with parasites like ticks, partly due to our chickens cleaning up after the goats and since we found they are quite tick-resistant. Having enlisted their help in our regenerative grazing efforts and the control of invasive plants, we can vouch for their minimal impact on our delicate land. Versatile, approachable, and profitable, Nigerian Dwarf goats embody the essence of ease and adaptability in farm life. We allow nature to help us, help them – allowing them to acclimate and harden into strong animals. No fussing about.

There are almost always one or more goats available, at almost any age. We have very selective breeding lines to ensure good quality animals. Goats that do not pass our personal approval for breeding, are still very suitable as little workers, pets, friends or to help with your food chain management; they are not to be bred with if you care about breeding good NDG.

To ensure the well-being and safety of our goats, chickens, and other cherished animals, we prioritize biosecurity measures on our farm. While we typically limit visitors for this reason, we’re always open to a friendly chat. Should you wish to connect, feel free to reach out! Additionally, we offer convenient delivery services to many nearby areas, including Van Wyksdorp, Riversdale, Ladismith, Barrydale, George, and more.

Veld goats, indigenous to southern Africa, captivate us with their remarkable attributes. Shaped by centuries of natural selection, they’ve evolved to not just survive but thrive in our rugged landscape. Their resilience is evident in their ability to traverse long distances, graze on a diverse array of grasses and shrubs, and instinctively defend against predators. Not only are they robust and adaptable creatures, but their meat boasts leanness and low cholesterol, making them a wholesome dietary choice. Among them, the Cape Lob Ears stand out with their large frame, muscular build, and distinctive droopy ears, traits honed by their historic migration to the arid western coast. Despite facing near extinction because of agricultural pressures aimed at breeding new varieties, remnants of their genetic heritage endure in breeds like the Boerbok and Kalahari Reds.

We’ve recently established a small herd sourced from reputable veld goat breeders, dedicated to preserving their unique lineage and ecological role. Our commitment extends beyond mere conservation; we aim to harness their natural grazing instincts to foster regeneration, support breeding endeavors, and supply quality meat.