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Bolster the videos; Underpin my work

Patreon members (and now also YouTube memberships) sustain my ability, and inspire me, to create better video episodes, more often. I recognize contributions as compensation for the work and time, and I appreciate every cent. As one of the few incomes I generate off my work, it goes towards buying materials, tools and animal feed.

Why do I ask? It takes an enormous amount of time during my normal day to record, edit and manage the channel. Members are friends and have access to the private Telegram group. They also get to see the videos ahead of time (without ads), including some exclusive videos.

For those who can not support me in this manner, your views, comments and likes are much appreciated.

Simple-Earth Guild

The primary driving force behind my work, the Stalwart and Rooikat members:

  • Agnes Pouyaud – Stalwart!
  • Zachary Ball (one of the first three)
  • Kevin Loubser (one of the first three)
  • Joe Russell
  • Tiaan van Wyk
  • Jean-Philippe Pouyaud
  • Markath Goateries

Guild members are friends

I have several tiers, with varying benefits, on the Patreon page. I appreciate any help, at any level. If you’d like to support the videos and share in the journey, then join us and let’s nurture the confidence and motivation to aim for self-sufficiency.

If you can not help here, then view, comment and like the videos. This too will help. Thank you very much. If you can, click anywhere on this page to go to Patreon right now.

~ Marlon

Funding will eventually do good things

I don’t like advertisements, and when my funding reaches the ad-free goal, I will definitely demonetize most of the content. There are several goals on the Patreon page I hope to reach. That will help things along. I want to help with funding other wildlife campaigns, improve my video frequency and quality and be able to get help on the land to start projects that would really show larger-scale concepts of simplicity.