We farm stuff, with our small bit of land... good stuff.

Vision and Goals

We are, at the core, treating our land as a living system. This means that we will not engage in anything that is not contributing to the rehabilitation or regeneration of the veld and its species.
Our animals help us in boosting this, while forming a product for us to sell, trade & survive with. Grazing (or crops) that degenerate the environment, are converted to something that builds it up. Our pure-bred goats, chickens and other animals, their feed and our food crops must fit into our plan to conserve this land for us and future generations, but also the wildlife that exists here. Whenever they produce a yield, we can make this yield available to you, and this will help us put food on the table as well. This is the small-scale, regenerative and bio-diverse system we want to live in – and so we can only produce income from it, when possible. Our animals are raised in an environment where they can be themselves, eat well and be happy; no matter what their intended end purpose may be. Respect sowed, Respect Harvested.

Our animals are bred responsibly, and for different purposes. The indigenous goats are well managed to ensure that we can preserve this amazing type of goat. We vary between chickens, to find the right kind for the right time and place. Alexia’s border collies are famous for having a fantastic temperament and good looks to boot; they are also introduced to farm noise, animals, etc from a very young stage. We have put rabbit breeding aside due to the recent RHDV outbreak (we lost none, but do not like to take risks that could affect the wild rabbits/hares of the Klein Karoo).

Products & Offerings

As a self-sufficient farm, our crops and animals work for us, first. This allows us to be in a good place to generate surplus that can go out to you and the community. For this reason, not everything can be available all the time. Please let us know what you need, so we can check, plan and help.

  • Chickens (live, point of lay, n-weeks old) [currently: Ameraucana]
  • Chicken eggs (food or fertile eggs)
  • Incubation of up to 200 fertile eggs at a time
  • Goats: Nigerian Dwarf Goat (pure bred). Animals available as pet, milkers, breeding pairs or meat
  • Goats: Cape Lob Ear (pure bred) indigenous goats.
  • Rabbit: On hold until further notice.
  • Feed crops & Seeds (rare, but available at times)
  • Nursery items & seeds (trees, spekboom, lantern bush, sutherlandia)
  • Services for farming (assistance, advice, hosting for farm/homestead websites and FarmOS).
  • probably a lot more, depending on season and availability.

Monitor our Gumtree listings here. or just go ahead and make yourself heard in the form below.

The new goat keepers guide can be found at this link.

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