Simple-Earth would like to inform all, that we support the struggling projects out there who try to make a difference. We will choose one wildlife fund from time to time, and stick with it for a while. There are several funds who need funding, and we can’t stretch our budgets too thin. Therefore, we will donate a percentage of our earnings from Patreon members to one or more of these funds. This page will act as a central point to keep you in the loop of where your contributions are going. Sign up as a Patron on our Patreon page, and we will automatically calculate the percentage each month and make the donations. Your contributions will then help me produce content, share with you, but also help these animals and conservation trusts.


Simple Earth will donate 12% of earnings from members, as long as we can get to 25 or more patrons. I might raise this percentage in the future depending on how many members sign up. Monitor the Patreon goals for information later.


Until we meet the goal at our Patreon page, we are deciding between these funds/projects:

Rooikat/Caracal Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash
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