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I have heard one too many stories about excellent projects and campaigns out there who struggle to get by. I want to do my part, and with the help of Patreon supporters, I think it can be done. There are several funds that require funding, making it hard to choose, but I’ll attempt to rotate these from time to time. Therefore, I will donate a percentage of my earnings from the exceptional Patreon members to one of these funds.

Donations are directed to: The Karoo Cats Conservation Fund

Sign up as a Patron on my Patreon page, and I will automatically calculate the percentage each month and make the donations. Your contributions will then help me produce content, share with you, but also help these animals and conservation trusts. Patreon friends are automatically informed/updated about news here.


Simple Earth will donate 10% of earnings from members, as long as I can get to 10 or more patrons. This percentage may increase if my Patreon support takes off, however. Monitor the Patreon goals for information later.


10% of the contributions and support will go to the Cat Conservation Fund – information at http://www.karoocats.org/ (for now. I am investigating Jackal conservation as well).

I have chosen this fund, as it lies close to my heart. Most of these do-good groups are poorly funded by government, and the additional pressure from poachers and ill-informed cagers, farming, trappers and black-market medicinal trades (all extremely out of touch with reality) makes the future of these cats (and many other animals) quite bleak.

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