This is a reference page for my tagging & ID system. I use this to label anything that grows here, and requires tracking, logging or data capturing (via FarmOS). As long as you can print or write your ID on a label, or print it into a QR Code, you can use this on garden beds, crop rows, trees, container plants and anything else in the poly-tunnel or nursery. It works because it is simple, but feel free to adapt to your needs. More information in this post.

Use all 5 characters and a dashed identity number/name at the end.


Pet grass in a pot, sowed from seed with medium care requirements to be used as a seed producer with ID 1

A hardy tree occuring in the wild, being tracked and used for animal feed – called Jimmy.

One of a few rows of many, uncountable radishes in the field, intended for sale and grown from seed


Character 1 – Type

Tree T
Herbaceous/Grass G
Shrub S
Climber C
Creeper R
Unknown Z

Character 2 – Location

Wild W
Bed B
Row/Field F
Container/Pot C
Hydroponic/Aquaponic H

Character 3 – Source

Unknown Z
Purchased P
From Seed (self grown) S
Transplanted (self grown) T
Natural (naturally ocurring) N

Character 4 – Level of Care Required

None (hardy, independent) 0
~ 1 – 8 (between 1 and 8, according to your scale) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Kid gloves, Fragile, Monitoring needed 9

Character 5 – Intended Purpose

Unspecified Z
Animal Feed A
Human Food/Medicinal H
Seed Producer P
Sale S
Pioneer/Protector Q

Character 6 and 7 – dash and id number or name.

a literal dash/minus character
unique number or name (this is useful, later…) avo1 | moomin