I am Marlon, the owner, maintainer and primary writer of Simple-Earth.org and I’d like you to support our writing and projects if you enjoy the site, please.

While I already pay for the hosting of this site, I would like you to consider donating a small amount to help with the maintenance and furtherance of this site. You may know this already, but keeping the wolves from the door is becoming harder these days with the cost of hosting a site. The more I write here, the more space I need for photos; and making time to write, cuts into my daily chores. I would love to write more, create more videos, share more knowledge, and bring you a lot more in the long run. I also want to put a lot more time into the YouTube Channel, so that we can build a relationship with our readers & viewers, share knowledge and document our road to self-reliance properly.

I will use funding through Patreon for:
  • Paying for the hosting of this site.
  • Paying for licensed music (I couldn’t get Brahms or Bono to write music for Simple Earth)
  • Pay for photo storage at Google Drive (for use here)
  • Donate some percentage to a wildlife/animal welfare project (see the Patreon page)
  • affording better video/sound gear to improve videos
  • making more time to write and create (it takes really long!)
  • measuring interest and gain inspiration that I can share back to you.
  • eventually, get someone to help with the content creation processes.
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Photo by Kasuma from Pexels

There are some alternate ways to appreciate and show your support

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  • or buy me a Kofi 🙂

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