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Friends of Simple-Earth,

Although this website seems to be in a sort of quiet state, be assured that it is not the case. Simple-Earth is going on, moving forward and as always making progress towards simplicity and self-reliance. As you may know from watching our YouTube channel (our journey show, so to speak), we are extremely busy. Becoming self-reliant, by living simpler and changing one’s entire life perspective is an interesting and evolving process. It takes full days of work, everyday and then some. I am far behind on projects, and haven’t even started considering the food growing setup yet. It’s crazy!

So first of all, know that all is well. We are expanding the infrastructure, one plank and nail at a time. Our animals are happy and healthy, touch wood. We have been improving our quality of life in the house, but that is also still a long way to go. You will know what is what, as I will get back to writing these public posts again in the near future.

Public? Well, I mean, I am writing almost weekly (sometimes twice a week) articles for the Patreon members. Our friendly Patreon community at the Simple-Earth homestead is at the front of the queue when it comes to content. Writing, planning, shooting and editing videos while working on this life and its challenges, takes a lot of time, effort and sometime money. The Patreon members get first dibs at those articles, but also at all the videos we make. Some of the videos will stay exclusive to members and some go public on YouTube. However it may be, the channel is free for you to watch and we love you all to join in and watch. The journey is for everyone, and you’re invited. So come over!

So here’s the brief of it:

  1. I am going to write articles here in the future, when time allows. I would love to. But,
  2. The members get first dibs at articles.
  3. Members get a bunch of extras, including exclusive videos, but
  4. the channel is free for you and everyone else. So join the journey.
  5. We added a no-benefit (well, almost) budget tier on Patreon called the Gecko tier if you really want to reward us for the work we put into this.
  6. Simple-earth will remain simple, self-reliant and about the right stuff – do not fear.

Thanks for understanding, and hang in there. Leave us a comment on the channel, or join us on Patreon.

Stay cool everyone, summer is now at its hottest.



Marlon van der Linde

Marlon van der Linde

Born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in 1982, Marlon has cultivated a rich background in electronics and computer science. After nearly two decades of experience as a UNIX administrator and software engineer, he continues to engage with electronics and coding, skills that enhance his self-sufficient and self-reliant lifestyle. Beyond his technical dabbling, Marlon is an avid content creator, authoring insightful articles and producing engaging videos that resonate with a broad audience. His passion for permaculture is evident in his meticulous observations and research, aimed at enhancing the sustainability of his environment. Marlon is dedicated to innovating techniques that improve the ecosystem and increase the production of food and feed, making his homestead a beacon of practical, sustainable living.

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