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Small-Scale Regenerative Self-Sufficiency

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Sharing & caring, information, posts and videos about abundant production through Permaculture, regenerative practices & constant learning; while building our land and soil to benefit everyone around us & combat climate change, food supply problems and water & energy wastage.

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Simple-Earth(.org) Self-Reliance is video, animals, plants, desert, rain, coffee, sheep, goats, dogs, sun, frost, food, fire, survival, adventure, learning, failure, life.

Welcome to my website, a portal for information, links and keeping tabs on ops. You’re most welcome to browse around, send me an email or go see the articles pages. Aeons spent in the software/electronics & I.T. industry rewarded me with a lot of growth, understanding, friendships and experiences (both constructive and harrowing). The notion of a simple, undisturbed life, however, was my primary driver throughout these years. You know as well as I; we yearn to live a life that matters to everyone and everything around us. For me, this is a life that brings constant learning, improvement, research and makes the environment better; all the while sharing what I learn with others. Therefore, I am here and now (and because a failing employer buttressed the move!).

SIMPLE-EARTH self-reliance is now a banner under which I create my videos, write the articles, and assemble my thoughts. It has also become a system of rules that I live by, and principles that I apply. Our land was raw and undeveloped when we landed here, and we are forever building solutions to make this a long-term self-sufficient ecosystem. Getting there takes intensive hard work, a lot of time, planning and continual reevaluation. Storms, heat, drought, water harvesting (and problems), growing food, raising animals as food, friends and workers and constructing things that cost as little as possible is a small slice of this pie.

This website is where you can find information about me, our journey, our products, animals and plans. The YouTube channel welcomes you, and I survive off the projetcs we run, our animals, self-sufficiency and my Patreon campaign. Please explore and enjoy your visit.

Welcome, again. Your presence here edifies.