Self-Sufficient, Simple, Cabin and Veld Life in the Karoo desert wilderness

My Definition Of Simple-Earth

This is our Story

Renoster veld on the southern side of our hills

Simple-Earth(.org) Self-Reliance is a word, a name I decided on, for myself and this journey. Yearning for simplicity and relying on our own skills, tools, and confidence is a natural human trait. Most of us are already seeing detriments of our massive consumption, in our own lives and in the natural world. I create videos and write about this journey to simple self-reliance and self-sufficiency – this is what Simple-Earth Self-Reliance is. It doesn’t matter if we go large or small, have land or live in an apartment, we can have healthier, free lives by sacrificing the toxic, complicated things in our lives and making conscious choices. I hold no patent in knowledge, but my journey stretches from a past of working in technology to where we live now. Our wooden cabin in the Karoo wilderness, and everything around it, came to be because of that adventure. This is our third and final natural environment, built from scratch. Every nail, every post, every stone lifted came with lessons learnt, failures acknowledged, and rewards. We build, create, solve and work towards solutions as we need them. This is the official website for Simple-Earth Self-Reliance, and I invite you to read, comment, share and make contact. I love hearing from everyone, and how your journeys towards simpler & better lives are unfurling. Please support my work by signing up as a Patreon member and friend, or viewing, liking and sharing the videos.