Small Scale, Regenerative Self-Sufficient Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Indigenous Veld Goats – Cape Lob Ear,
Chickens, Soil Building, Dryland Water Resilience, Permaculture,
Regenerative Practices, Food & Feed and Committed to the veld.

Go ahead and discover our animals, practices, ideas, strategies and
lessons learnt through the videos and posts.

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If you’re looking for Nigerian Dwarf Goats South Africa, then click here.

Welcome! This website is a source of information, links, and updates on our self-sufficient operations here at our farm, Windhelm.

I’m Marlon, and my trek through the software/electronics & I.T. industry brought growth, understanding, friendships, and experiences, both rewarding and challenging. I now persue a life of balance and subsistence, one filled with learning, improvement, and environmental stewardship, hard work and fair reward. Through posts on this site and my YouTube channel, I do my best to share what I learn and experience.

SIMPLE-EARTH is my craft, videos, articles, and assembly of the many components of our self-reliance lifestyle. It’s a set of principles guiding how we design, build, and approach our needs. Our journey began with raw, undeveloped land, and we’re continually working to create a long-term, self-sustaining ecosystem. From battling storms and managing water to growing food and raising animals, our mission is clear: to minimize costs while maximizing benefits for our animals, environment, and community.

We take our responsibilities seriously. Our animals aren’t just products; they’re our mates and helpers. Every aspect of our work aims to benefit the ecosystem, wildlife, and community. Explore our farm projects, from goat herds to Border Collie breeding, and join us in supporting and learning from our journey.

Welcome once more.

~ Marlon