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Latest Video

It was time for the goats to get their annual MultiVax-P vaccinations. Every spring we vaccinate them and six weeks after, they will get a booster. In this video, you can hang with us as we vaccinate the ewes and kids and talk a little bit about the horns and experience. It’s always awesome to have you around. If you want, please support us on Patreon. Much simple loves!
With the world in such disarray, this video is not getting much attention. The word “vaccination” seems to be working against us on Instagram, YouTube and everywhere else. The A.I does not always get it right, it seems. 🙂 Support, share and enjoy it!

The next video will be slightly delayed due to our moving and life-stuff. Patrons will have access to it ahead of time, as usual.

Follow our Karoo homesteading journey on our YouTube Channel