Simple-Earth is the creative portal of Marlon van der Linde, created as an ever-grown portal of articles, video, documentation, and reporting projects. The site serves as a regular outlet of blogs, video and news but will also host more extensive reports and information on farm products and services. Simple-Earth is a place about caring, land stewardship, permaculture, self-reliance, survival and simplifying life by thinking better.

Marlon is a logical thinking, creative, hard-working member of the general universe and hopes to become close to 100% self-reliant, eventually. Producing as much as possible of one’s own food and rebuilding the environment is key to survival. Becoming independent, knowing how to live with nature to get what you need from it while improving it, is an ongoing study. Simple-Earth wants its products, services and content to be about that! Everyone has a right to change, adapt, survive and live the way they need to and want to.

We invite you to read, share and enjoy our articles & videos about learning, failing and standing up again. Technology and nature can work together to provide all the food and amenities we need without degrading the environment.

Why some things are free and others aren’t – Transparency

I have forsaken the rat-race, chasing material things that cause stress, damage and loss (time and physical) to pursue what is a better option for me, personally. Everyone’s got a vision of what better means to them, and I want to help everyone get there wherever possible. For the aforementioned reason, I write articles to share my ups and down and make it available for everyone to learn from.

The posts on this website are free for all to read, while posts on Patreon are only available to patrons. Creating video content is costly, both in time and money, since I [frequently] suspend my work on projects to capture what I am doing. Almost all videos are free to access, but to those who recognise that I make content creation a duty, there is the option to become a paying patron. In return for that, I try to always improve and create more (and better) content, as well as writing more posts. More income from members will cause more improvements, and eventually a wider array of topics, reviews and experiences. This is a natural progression in any field, and especially so when we love what we do. I make much(substantially) less money now than I did as a software engineer, but I am making more friends and growing, learning and gaining other things. It just makes sense, and I can share and create more of things that matter to more people.

Naturally, I provide certain services ad hoc, from hosting to other technological projects, as it forms a part of my skill sets. Those services are quoted and charged for, and I consider them a part of my ad hoc income. We also treat our land and farm as a business, and while it’s not a commercial setup, we need to generate income to keep things running. Therefore, you will see ‘paid for’ products in our offering that range from grown food to livestock and machinery.

So, there you have it. That is the economy model of Simple-Earth. If you have a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket, or a tractor in the barn, do share. 🙂

Technical Details of the website itself

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The empty dam at the Karoo homestead, Stokkies

About Marlon

Marlon spent his working life as a software developer, always aware of anomalies in the system. Unhappy with the grind, working to live, paying tax and getting nothing back but crime and broken things in the world, he set out with his wife, life-mate and best friend Alexia, to find something better. For years, they have worked at building up relationships and learning skills to become subsistent. Time spent in the Karoo gave them the motivation and knowledge to build a tiny farm and homestead in Tulbagh. To this day, operating almost 100% off-grid. Even though the Tulbagh homestead is now sold, it continues to be something special to someone. Now, they are building, pioneering and creating a homestead, home and farm in the wilderness of the Klein Karoo. Things are tougher, but there’s more time for life, more freedom and even better times ahead.

Marlon spent the last 15 years as a hobbyist photographer, but needed a break from this for several personal reasons. Creative work is now focussed on’s video and written content. There will always be random nature photography (using budget equipment), some hobby cartography and a bit of electronics. Marlon is also an avid drone pilot, trying to get delightful images of the karoo, nearby forests and mountains. He promotes safe and responsible drone flying, hoping to protect this misunderstood and critical sport and hobby.

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