Simple-Earth is the creative writing project of Marlon van der Linde, created as an ever-evolving portal of articles, documentation, and reporting projects. The site serves as a regular outlet of blogs, journals and news but will also host more extensive compositions, stories and eventually videos. Simple-Earth is at its core, a place for everyone and anyone caring about land stewardship, permaculture, self-reliance, survival and simplifying life by thinking better.

Marlon is a freethinking, hard-working member of the general universe and dreams of being completely self-reliant to the point of producing food and rebuilding his environment around him. After more than a decade of software development and two decades of dreaming, he now strives to achieve a more substantial and environmental way. Becoming independent, knowing how to live with nature to get what you need from it while improving it is an ongoing study.

We invite you to read, share and enjoy our articles about learning, failing and standing up again. Technology and nature can work together to provide all the food and amenities we need without degrading the environment. Learn all about it here.

What topics and fields will we cover?

Most posts will pertain to the following exciting and immersive fields:
Permaculture. Subsistence farming. Regenerative agriculture. Growing food. Raising animals. Reducing, re-using and recycling. Composting. Using automation and technology. Eating healthier. Working for your own gains. Improving the lives of your communities. Spending less; having more. Feeling better. Property, Land, Soils, Vehicles, Pollution, Failing and trying again.

Also, being keen on survival, bushcraft camping, the general outdoors and Adv-riding (adventure riding), expect bonus material “away from the homestead”. Moto-camping and hiking, living outdoors and exploring nature teaches us so much about ourselves. As a result, we can apply all the knowledge back at the homestead or simple at the campsite.

Technical Details of the website itself

WordPress powers this site while using some customisations and plugins to perform its duties. If this site is not convenient and pleasant to navigate, read and enjoy, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

We host this site on its own Linux server infrastructure to ensure performance, security and usability for you, our visitors and friends.
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The empty dam at the Karoo homestead, Stokkies

About Marlon

Marlon spent his working life as a software developer, always aware that something was amiss in the system. Unhappy with the grind, working to live, paying tax and getting nothing back but crime and broken things in the world, he set out with his wife, life-mate and best friend Alexia, to find something better. For years they have worked at building up relationships and learning skills to become subsistent. Having spent time in the Karoo gave them the motivation and knowledge to build a tiny farm and homestead in Tulbagh, which to this day operates almost 100% off-grid. Nowadays times are tougher, but there’s more time for life, more freedom and even better times ahead.

Between it all, Marlon makes time to do adventure riding. This is a style of riding that usually happens on dual-sport motorbikes, with the purpose of exploring and adventuring. Marlon’s bike is a small CRF250L, equipped with everything needed to survive anywhere. Water filtration, sleeping, food and sanitary gear included.

Marlon spent the last 15 years as a hobbyist photographer, but needed a break from this for several personal reasons. The only creative work he now dabbles in, is’s content, random nature photography (using budget equipment) and a bit of video using his DJI Osmo Pocket. He is also an avid drone pilot, trying to get delightful images of the karoo, nearby forests and mountains and promotes safe and responsible drone flying hoping to protect this misunderstood and critical sport and hobby.

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