Patreon membership is a huge thing for me and Simple-Earth. These members contribute their own voluntary funds, which undoubtedly bolsters my ability to create videos more often, with better content. It takes a lot of effort and time, in between my self-sufficiency chores, projects and challenges, to record and edit episodes, so funding helps a lot. This is also my primary income at this point.

In exchange for membership, I give back with several benefits and heartfelt appreciation.


These members are the ones you can thank for frequent and improving video content & articles. The Rooikat and Stalwart members are:

  • Philippe Pouyaud – Stalwart!
  • Zachary Ball (one of the first three)
  • Kevin Loubser (one of the first three)
  • Joe Russell
  • Tiaan van Wyk
  • Markath Goateries


I have several tiers, with varying benefits, on the Patreon page. I appreciate any help, at any level. If you’d like to support the videos and share in the journey, then join us and let’s nurture the confidence and motivation to aim for self-sufficiency.

If you can not see yourself helping out there, then view, comment and like the videos. This too will help. Thank you very much.

~ Marlon