I dedicate this page to the Rooikat & higher members on Patreon.
Thanks to one and all for giving a little to show support and appreciation, but also to acknowledge the effort,cost and time taken to deliver my content to you. While members of all our tiers matter, this page is for the Stalwart and Rooikat tiers only.

Every bit helps, and I thank every one of you for helping to fund what I create. This enables me to convert your support into better content more often.

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Simple-Earth Stalwart

The current Simple-Earth Stalwart is Phillippe

Rooikat Members of Simple Earth

Windhelm Homestead – February 2022

A short set of provisos.

I believe in free speech, but I simply cannot list anyone with a name that may violate rights or laws of any sort. Any icons/images used must be acceptable, and if we link to your site or blog, it must adhere to the same rules. Kindly, report any dodgy, illegal or bad-seed stuff (it’s hard to control what happens after we list it, so let me know, please!).