This is the website and my name is Marlon van der Linde.

I am stoked to have you here, because by sharing knowledge, trying, failing and learning we can only improve the world for everyone. Our environment, climate and the state of food production need all the help it can get. We all have to get involved by striving for independence, self-reliance, and finding better ways. As a result, we can achieve harmony with each other and nature. It is not only imperative for our long-term survival, but vital for our wellbeing, health and self-confidence.

One of Simple-Earth’s major goals is being able to live life on our terms. Bettering the world and regenerating exhausted resources must be a part of this goal.
Read about the intentions and goals of this website here as we walk the path of learning and progression.

Visit the archives, or jump straight into the articles if you’d like to learn more. Also, we will cover all aspects of survival, growing food, raising animals, permaculture and mixing technology into the mix.