As 2021 is already in its 3rd week, I realised that an update is due. We are busy selling, or attempting to do so at this stage, so things are in limbo. An adventure and huge challenges lies ahead in the Karoo. I will have the same heat and wind to deal with in terms of food production, but we will also have even less water than here.

Tulbagh is fairly rich in high quality water but we have using our water sparingly. Wasting water is like throwing away food, and just because we have the benefit of ample water for our needs, doesn’t mean that we should waste it. The commercial farming around us is already doing that for everyone.

I’ll use this update post to go over a few things about our property and how we handle them. Considering that we bought this piece of land with NOTHING on it, I am very proud of what we achieved and how it maintains itself (almost!) thanks to permaculture and regenerative practices. No use of chemicals anywhere, because we want our soil microbes alive, not dead. We also never use fertilisers, because we didn’t destroy our soils, we regenerate them!

2020 in Images

We hope that you enjoyed our photo tour of the year 2020. We have accomplished more than we could have hoped, and we did it with the help of friends, permaculture and working with the environment instead of against it.

May 2021 be the same or better for you! See you in the Karoo.

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