It elates us to state that we are on our way back to the Karoo, the succulent Karoo. It’s a place of beauty, serenity and natural beauty, but it comes with the hardships of severe heat, cold, winds and droughts. It will not be trivial, but with the guidance of good friends in Permaculture, the sheer will to succeed and the knowledge we accumulated during our time on the current farm, we will succeed.

Simplicity is number one, so this move will be even more of a downshift, economically and in terms of mental and physical health. It will take copious amounts of hard work to grow food, manage the scarce water supplies, and keep the system moving. The future of videos and posts on will focus on our dry-land journey. To follow this journey, watch out for news posts here, or better, follow the story, Unfurling the Journey!

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