Our family-operated small-scale homestead operations yield products from time to time, and this page is where we will list them. We are not a massive farm, nor a “commercial operation”, so our outputs are fairly, sustainably and cleanly produced. Animals, animal products, greens and services are but a few of the items we provide, and we do so to sustain ourselves. Monitor this page at all times.

We are currently moving to our new property, which we are settling and pioneering from scratch. Until we have established our homestead and farm, expect service and products to be delayed/unavailable. This will not take too long, so check back here often. In the meantime, visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow our adventures and challenges.

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Livestock & Husbandry

  • Goats (Nigerian Dwarf)
  • Chickens (Araucana)
  • Sheep – Unavailable until relocation completed.

Crops (food, fuel, fibre, feed…)

Due to farm relocation and pioneering the new property, this is currently not available.

Services and other Products


Check back soon, or give us a shout in the meantime over at the Channel or our Contact page.